North Court Basement

40 Westhampton Way

Richmond, Virginia


Building the new studio required a huge amount of work.  Check out the history and construction photos by clicking here.





On Sunday November 2, 2008 WDCE began broadcasting from our new studio located in the basement of North Court.   


Behind the heavy, steel, soundproof doors awaits a musical wonderland… an amazing new studio, DJ lounge, extensive library shelving and management office.  The DJ lounge has been equipped to double as a live performance space with three feeds connected directly to our broadcast board. 


The studio is fully outfitted with multiple computers, CD players, turntables, mixer, massive digital library and more.  There are also several inputs to allow our DJs to easily connect their personal laptops and music players into the broadcast board.  The three microphone setup and U-shaped console makes guests feel welcome.


These pictures will give you an idea of how incredibly nice it is.


View of broadcast board and main equipment rack. 



Our lounge and performance space lies beyond the insulated glass.



U-shaped console with three microphone setup.



A view of CD library.


Still more CD shelving.







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Requests/Studio: 804 289 UR90
Office: 804 289 8698
Fax: 804 289 8996
Post: Box 85, University of Richmond, VA, 23173
Office: North Court Basement, U of R
wdce (at) richmond (dot) edu